Scandinavian Book Fair

New interesting book:

Dating Chinese Porcelain from Facial Features and Adornments - A HANDBOOK

The Scaninavien Book Fair 2013-09-26--29 (Photo Cheryl Marie Cordeiro):


Jan-Erik, the owner og, was one of the interested audience when Tommy should presentate the new handbook.


Tommy points out the subject for the lecture:


"World First News. Handbook of dating Chinese porcelain from Facial Features and Adornments."

Author: Tommy Eklöf

Paperback, 163 pages

ISBN 978-91-637-3337-6



The author is active as board moderator for the world's largest English language Chinese porcelain Internet site,

Anita Andersson, the manager of the "Värmlandsmonter" , welcome Tommy and the audience to a hopefully interesting lecture of Tommy's Handbook, the first book in the world to deal with a systematic way to date Chinese porcelain from facial features and adornments.

Tommy tells about the book and show some pictures from the content

Jan-Erik thanks Tommy for a very interesting lecture and for the important addition the new Handbook has been. It's a mile stone for dating Chinese porcelain for museums, collectors and dealers alike and will certainly be a success and a future classic book in all of our book shelves.

Tommy signing books to new customers. Sure they will enjoy it.