New interesting book:

 Dating Chinese Porcelain from Facial Features and Adornments - A HANDBOOK

27 different headgear are especially highlighted, all described and dated in diagrams "quantity/year" from the 16th Century until present day.

To arrive at a stylistic chronology in the rendering of facial features of people in porcelain decorations, the author has collected and categorized more than 3900 faces of men, women and children in Chinese porcelain decorations, dating from the 15th century until present day.

The book contains:

* Facial features and adornments described and dated in diagrams "quantity/year":

  - different outlines

  - 18 hairstyles

  - 27 headgear

  - 10 adornments

  - 6 clothes

29 different categories of faces (men, women, children) described and dated in diagrams (quantity/year) with 12 faces examples for each gender for the most categories. Total more than 800 faces shown.

Case study - how to use the book

*  About 100 examples "copy versus authentic" to train the eyes.

*  Advices to new collectors